Trusted Choice

Trusted Choice®, the consumer brand for independent agents, is included with your IIAI membership! This means you have:
  • Access to the advertising Marketing Reimbursement Program
  • Access to professionally produced advertising materials
  • Licensed use of the logo and Pledge of Performance
  • Your agency listed on the national consumer "Find an Agent" portal at

 What are Online Referrals?

How to begin receiving online referrals

Step #1 - Watch the video to learn more about online referrals.

Step #2 - Fill out the form on this page or call 855-372-0075 to get started.

"I couldn’t wait to become a member of the Big “I”, and knowing that you would also be affiliated with the Trusted Choice brand made it an even easier decision for me. As an agency owner, we are always trying to maximize our marketing dollars, when I came across the opportunity to have a featured profile on, I looked at the cost and to me it seemed like it was worth the risk. I have paid much more for marketing that didn’t work. Our agency signed on in November 2014, and by April 2015, we had already recouped the cost for the marketing for an entire year!  Now, I’m no math genius by any means, but even I can do the math on those numbers. I think this is a great partnership, and now we are working with Trusted Choice on maximizing our relationship with them, and discovering other marketing opportunities."

Shane Burns, Agency Principal

The Power of 30 Seconds Phone Training


The first 30 seconds of any inbound sales call sets the tone for the entire customer experience.

Trusted Choice® aims to help you make those seconds count with The Power of 30 Seconds™, an online training tool designed to help you convert inbound sales calls into clients. This program coaches your staff on creating and managing an inbound sales process for their agencies, training you on how to:
  • Establish an effective call workflow
  • Provide a positive customer experience
  • Manage phone system automation

Start the training

Go here: to find everything you see. Make sure to read the "To Access the Materials..." instructions first! -->





What is Trusted Choice®?
  • Trusted Choice® is a national consumer brand uniting more than 10,000 independent agencies and the insurance companies that support them.
  • This new consumer marketing brand was developed by the Big “I” for its members in response to eroding market share, and it is the result of significant consumer and industry research.
What are the Advantages of Trusted Choice®?
  • Using national and Indiana advertising, public relations, and local agency marketing, we are communicating to consumers that Trusted Choice® is the smart way to buy insurance and financial services.
  • As a Trusted Choice® agency, you can use this consumer-tested name, logo and tagline, as well as professionally produced advertising materials for television, radio, and newspapers.
  • Plus, the Trusted Choice® Agency Locator sends qualified leads directly to your desktop.
How Does Trusted Choice® Work?
  • Trusted Choice® is dramatically increasing consumer awareness of the benefits independent agents and brokers offer: choice, customization and advocacy—the very benefits our research has shown consumers want most.
  • Remember, Trusted Choice® is more than advertising. It is a brand shaped in response to consumer priorities, highlighting the strengths of independent agents and brokers.
  • Trusted Choice® is designed to grow as a result of the collective marketing efforts of each and every member.
But My Agency Already Has its Own Brand...
  • Great! Trusted Choice® is not designed to take the place of your own agency branding efforts or advertising but should work in conjunction with it.
  • Unlike an association logo, which merely connotes membership in an organization, think of the Trusted Choice® logo as a “seal of approval.”
  • Flying the Trusted Choice® logo positions you as a premiere agent and conveys a level of integrity, trust, and expertise.
What are the Benefits?
  • Licensed use of the Trusted Choice® logo
  • Qualified leads through the Trusted Choice® Agency Locator
  • Up to $1,600 through the Marketing Reimbursement Program and another $500 for sponsoring local community events
  • Access to customizable print ads, mailers, and press releases
  • Professionally produced tag-able television and radio spots
  • Consumer articles for your websites, newsletters, and mailings
  • Optional RSS feed for your website
  • Much, much more
Where Can I Find My User ID and Password for the Website?
  • Your User ID and Password can be found in your confirmation email that was sent to the principal’s e-mail address upon registration.
  • For a copy of your e-mail confirmation, please e-mail
How Can I Add My Agency to the Trusted Choice® Agency Locator?
  • To be included in the Agency Locator, Trusted Choice® agencies must complete an Agency Profile with some basic information.
  • By doing so, consumers visiting the site can locate an agency by zip code, insurance lines written, company appointments/affiliations, and even languages spoken.
  • To create or update a profile, agencies should:
    • Locate your agency User ID and Password from your e-mail confirmation receipt.
    • Go to and enter User ID and Password.
    • Select “Update Your Profile” under "Important Links".
    • Proceed through the process until it notifies you that your profile has been updated, otherwise the data will not be saved.
    • Upon completion of your update it takes one business day for the system to update records.
    • You will not be listed on the consumer site until one day after you have successfully completed your profile update.
How Do I Enter My Branch Agencies?
  • The above steps for creating or updating a profile also must be taken for each branch agency that is added.
  • This can be done by the main office administrator or delegated to an administrator from each branch office.
My Advertising Agency Doesn’t Want to Use the Trusted Choice® Logo...
  • Trusted Choice® is not designed to take the place of your own agency branding efforts or advertising but should work in conjunction with it.
  • Unlike an association logo, which merely connotes membership in an organization, think of the Trusted Choice® logo as a “seal of approval.”
  • Flying the Trusted Choice® logo positions you as a premiere agent and conveys a level of integrity, trust, and expertise.
Where Can I Find the Logo?
  • The logos are available for download at
  • Sign in and click on “Trusted Choice Logo Files” under "Important Links"
Where Can I Find the Print/Television/Radio Ads We Can Tag?
  • Tag-able versions of the Trusted Choice® television, radio and print ads are available at
  • Sign in to the website and click under "Freedom Campaign 2014" banner to see how to access all of the available advertising options.
Get the most out of the Trusted Choice® branding by exposing your customers and community to the brand! We can help with extending your branding and marketing efforts with Marketing Reimbursements.

What is the Marketing Reimbursement Program?

In order to deliver the brand experience to your customers consistent with Trusted Choice, Trusted Choice will reimburse a portion of expenses incurred in 2017 by Trusted Choice agencies in cobranding advertising and marketing materials; and in creating or updating a digital presence to include the Trusted Choice logo, link to the Trusted Choice website and Pledge of Performance. This is not meant to replace your agency’s brand, but to complement it by including the Trusted Choice branding in your marketing efforts. Reimbursement will only be made for use of the Trusted Choice logo (not the IIABA association logo, which looks very similar). All reimbursements made will be per the tiered schedule on page 5.

There are four guiding principles of the Marketing Reimbursement Plan:
  1. Allows for any activity involving the Trusted Choice logo in external messaging with consumer impact for new members and first time MRP users; and for an updated digital presence for all members.
  2. The application must provide reasonable documentation that an expense was incurred and paid.
  3. The nature of the expense is reasonably correlated to the external messaging and promotes the Trusted Choice brand to consumers.
  4. The MRP will not reimburse ongoing expenses like website hosting/maintenance, directory listings, subscriptions to marketing services, expenses for yellow pages ads, or other phone book type advertising.

Download the guidelines and requirements:
2017 Marketing Reimbursement Program