Big “I” Hires

No matter the size or location of your agency, there is no getting around the people aspect. Hiring is an essential part of what you do. In order to grow your agency and be successful, find the right talent to make your vision a reality.

Big "I" Hires℠ is a program developed by the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America, Inc., and is intended to be a comprehensive solution to finding and recruiting new talent, then onboarding them with ease.

It was created as a one-stop resource for independent insurance agencies to attract, identify, assess and train top performing Producers and CSRs. An array of tools and online resources are available for members to allow them to find the right hires for their agency with a few simple clicks!


Big “I” Hires℠ has cutting-edge tools to help small to large insurance agencies hire top-performing sales and service staff. Lean on IdealTraits to help post jobs, receive candidates, assess skills, and identify and hire the right candidate for your agency.


Are skill sets appropriately matched to the job? Evaluate each candidate's knowledge, personality, sales ability, and performance potential. Pre-screening candidates will ensure job performance and sales acumen.

HR Support

Organizations of any size need HR policies and procedures in place and Affinity HR can help customize tools for your agency.

DIY Hiring Toolkits

DIY step-by-step guides and templates will take you through the entire hiring process from preparing, launching, screening, and onboarding. Kits are user-friendly, customizable, and available for producers and CSRs.

Looking for a job?

Introducing, a searchable job listing site where ALL the jobs posted by Big “I” members through the Big “I” Hires℠ program/IdealTraits platform can be found.