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6/6/20231:00 PMMastering Business Income: Tools & TipsMany insurance pros know it’s the (indirect) loss after the (direct) loss that kills the business. Unfortunately, many lack an understanding of Business Income and related coverages to the point where such may not even be offered to an insured! This course is designed to dive deep into this essential coverage and prove to agents why it may be the most important insurance a business can have.3.00052323PM
6/7/20239:00 AMEPLI - A Coverage No Business Can Afford to be WithThis course addresses many employment-related liability exposures faced by today’s employers: discrimination and harassment claims by employees and third parties, employee privacy concerns, retaliation claims, wage and hour claims and more.  We will discuss the employment-related exposures and what features to look for in an Employment Practices Liability (EPL) policy.3.00060723AM
6/7/20232:00 PM1 Hour with Cathy: Certificates - Headaches & RemediesThis course will familiarize the participants with some of the issues faced by insurance professionals when they issue Certificates of Insurance for their customers.1.00060723PM
6/15/20239:00 AMCertificates & Add'l Insureds: What Did I Do to Deserve ThisAsk a hundred commercial insurance professionals to describe in a few words the most frustrating part of the job and 99 of them likely will answer “certificates” or “Additional Insured endorsements.” The seemingly constant changes to rules, requests, form filings, and other issues at best cause headaches, at worst, E&O claims! This course will review several common issues with COIs and AI endorsements and the best practices regarding their use.3.00061523AM
6/15/20231:00 PM14 Personal Lines Issues to Know Before It's Too LateThis course dives deep into common personal lines policies to pull out fourteen frequently misunderstood coverage issues. Insurance pros who attend this course will gain valuable insight into these issues, how they could create a problem at claim time and strategies to ensure they don’t.3.00061523PM
6/20/20239:00 AMCommercial Property: Recent Changes & Crucial ConceptsThe Insurance Services Office’s (ISO) latest additions to its Commercial Property forms contain numerous features not seen in prior editions. Insurance pros who take this course will dive deep into the forms and gain expertise on many features including some that benefit the insured and some that don’t.3.00062023AM
6/20/20231:00 PMHandling Commercial Claims & Coverage DisputesThis course looks at several common commercial lines insurance policies and examples of actual claims that challenged the coverage (or lack thereof) provided.  Agents who take this course will gain expertise in various coverage scenarios and be better positioned to advocate for the insured not if but when the bad thing happens.3.00062023PM
6/21/20232:00 PM1 Hour with Nicole: Why PL Deductibles Confuse InsuredsDeductibles are commonly understood when agents sell and service a policy. However, applying deductibles to a loss may work a little differently than insureds (and sometimes agents!) expect.  This course uses several examples to fortify an agent’s understanding of both general and unique applications of deductibles in common personal lines policies.1.00062123PM
6/22/20239:00 AMAgent's E&O: Duties, Best Practices, Operations, WorkflowsAgents who focus on E&O loss prevention fortify their agency from potentially devastating claims while improving the customer experience. In this course, agents will learn best practices regarding agent’s duties, agency operations, using checklists, and other exposures present in the day-to-day operations of most agencies.3.00062223AM
6/22/20231:00 PMClaims That Will Convince Your Insured to Enhance HomeownersTo save a few bucks, consumers are quick to strip off valuable coverage from their homeowners policy and/or buy coverage that doesn’t match their exposure.  This course will review several claims and coverage examples agents can use to talk their insureds through the importance of adequate homeowners coverage and endorsements to make the policy as broad as possible.3.00062223PM
6/27/20239:00 AMAll Things Ethics: Agent Obligations, Standards, AuthorityThis course uses a variety of scenarios to assist agents in ethical decision making. We will review several examples of agent obligations to insureds, carriers and others. We will discuss agency standards with regards to ethics, agent authority as perceived by others, and a variety of other situations.3.00062723AM
6/27/20231:00 PMAdventures in Aging: SS & Other Retirement Income SolutionsRetirement is coming (and for many has already arrived!) Join veteran insurance educator Chris Amrhein as he shares his own adventures with Social Security and other retirement income solutions for seniors. He’ll discuss eligibility, enrollment, changes, costs, benefits, limitations and just about everything else. Whether the information is for the benefit of your clients, your family, and/or yourself, you’ll be ready!3.00062723PM
6/28/20232:00 PM1 Hour with Dave: All Things Ordinance or LawWhile many insurance pros are familiar with the term “Ordinance or Law”, many don’t have a keen understanding of its role in a homeowners or commercial property policy. This course reviews examples of ordinances and laws regarding damaged structures, the policy exclusions for compliance exposures as well as methods to insure them.1.00062823PM
6/29/20239:00 AMGrowing Good Ins: Using Property & Liability EndorsementsThis presentation will concentrate on the Insurance Services Office (ISO) Farm Property and Liability Coverage Forms and vital endorsements necessary for most clients involved in an agribusiness operation.3.00062923AM
6/29/20231:00 PMCertificates and the Coverage Issues that Go With ThemFor the commercial lines insurance agent, Certificates of Insurance and the related issue of Additional Insureds are often sources of frustration, confusion and, increasingly, E&O claims.  We will review the things to consider before issuing a certificate and discuss ways to avoid some of the common problems and errors. We will discuss Additional Insureds, reviewing some of the most commonly used additional insured endorsements. Lastly, we will look at requests frequently made of agents and see why some of these are problematic.3.00062923PM
7/10/20231:00 PMMarriage, Kids, Money, Assisted Living & Everything BetweenThis course looks at several common home and auto policy concerns which may escalate during certain times of the insured’s life cycle. Issues created by marriage (and its dissolution), having kids, making money, college, roommates, stuff in storage, entity ownership of property, assisted living and other exposures are reviewed.3.00072423PM
7/18/20239:00 AMPers. & Comm. Endorsements: Some Good, Some That StinkExplore many useful Personal lines and Commercial Lines endorsements that broaden your client’s coverage and provide you with a competitive advantage over others! Also, be able to spot and take action when “nasty” endorsements make their way onto your clients new and renewal policies.3.00071823AM
7/18/20231:00 PMCovering Online Fraud & Employees Who Turn Out to Be CrooksThis course discusses two of the coverages available under commercial crime policies, with a focus on the Insurance Services Office (ISO) Commercial Crime program.  We will begin with a discussion of the difference between Discovery and Loss Sustained coverage triggers.  We will discuss Employee Theft coverage, the use of Employee Theft coverage to satisfy ERISA requirements and how the Employee Dishonesty coverage in the BOP differs from the Employee Theft Coverage in the Crime program.  We will move on to a discussion of Computer and Funds Transfer Fraud including adding coverage for Fraudulent Impersonation/Social Engineering losses.3.00071823PM
7/19/20232:00 PM1 Hour with Sam: The Policy’s Position on HomeThe goal of this course is multifaceted. We will review reasons why our personal lines clients wish to participate in sharing activities. We will discuss concerns that exist when our clients offer their property and/or use property of others via popular web-enabled services such as VRBO, Airbnb and similar platforms.  We’ll explore the most commonly-used homeowner coverage form and the endorsements introduced for these exposures. Finally, we’ll glance at the personal auto policy as well as watercraft and recreational vehicle coverage forms to better understand coverage issues that may arise when these items are shared with others.1.00071923PM
7/20/20239:00 AMLurking Surprises In the Contractor’s CGL PolicyThis course examines a variety of Commercial General Liability policy features and endorsements that are sometimes added.  We will focus on the effect these features and endorsements have on a contractor’s insurance program. While most of the endorsements discussed are reductions in coverage, some are important enhancements.3.00072023AM