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7/21/2020CIC Commercial Casualty - Online CourseThis course is being offered online in the traditional CIC Institute format - two consecutive 8-hour days of class. Topics Covered: Commercial General Liability Concepts and Coverage, Additional Insured Concepts and Endorsements, Business Automobile Coverages and Endorsements, and Workers Compensation and Employers LiabilityCIC072220
7/21/2020Everything's Soaked and My Stuff StinksYour personal lines insureds have issues with water and, unfortunately, so does their insurance policy! Water damage comes in many different forms – sometimes covered, sometimes not - and just an inch of water can be the difference between a nuisance and a total loss. This course reviews the many different causes of water damage and how its addressed by common personal lines insurance policies.072120
7/28/2020Dead or Alive The Many Functions of Life InsuranceThe purpose of this course is to describe in depth the many benefits, uses, and ways that life insurance can be leveraged while you’re still alive. Many intricacies of policies have living benefits that can be utilized prior to death. This course will focus on ten features and benefits that exist within most permanent life insurance policies, how to identify them, and/or how to access them.072820
7/28/2020Farm Ag Conference 2020The best Farm Ag Insurance Conference in Indiana is going virtual! Presented by Independent Insurance Agents of Indiana and MICAI.FARM2020
7/28/2020Alphabet SoupYou can’t control how they act or the decisions they make. But when questionable conduct and/or decision-making at the executive level lands your client in hot water, you as the insurance professional may be called upon to assist. Specifically, to advise on insurance products they have (hopefully) secured to mitigate the exposure. Directors and Officers (D&O), Employment Practices Liability (EPLI), Fiduciary Liability (FLI) and Employee Benefits Liability (EBL) all make an appearance in this important course072820PM
7/29/2020Construction Contracts What the Agent Should KnowConstruction Contracts:  What The Insurance Agent Should Know, Do and NOT Do  This course reviews some of the contractual obligations our contractor clients assume. We will discuss the types of contracts and the factors used to determine the enforceability of those contracts. We will study contractual liability coverage and some of the commonly used additional insured endorsements as well as waiver of subrogation.  We will discuss the agent’s role in the contract process and things the insurance agent should and should not do.072920AM
7/29/2020Commercial Liability Claims that Cause ProblemsJoin Terry Tadlock as he reviews actual claims scenarios stemming from a variety of commercial liability-related exposures. Each scenario is discussed from the position of both the actual policy language as well as possible solutions. Types of coverage and claims discussed in this course include Business Auto and General Liability.072920PM
7/30/20201 Hour with Kevin on DronesFrom personal enthusiasts to innovative businesses, it seems everyone is a drone pilot. Join long-time insurance educator Kevin Amrhein for this engaging course on insuring all things “Drone”.073020
8/4/2020CIC Agency Management - Online CourseThis course is being offered online in the traditional CIC Institute format - two consecutive 8-hour days of class. Topics Covered: Strategic Planning, Talent Acquisition and Development, Client Retention and Acquisition, Technology Utilization, and Ethical ResponsibilityCIC080520
8/6/2020Errors and Omissions Duties, Operations, Checklists and MoreAgents who focus on E&O loss prevention fortify their agency from potentially devastating claims while improving the customer experience. In this course, agents will learn best practices regarding agent’s duties, agency operations, using checklists and other exposures present in the day-to-day operations of most agencies.080620
8/11/2020JK Ruble Graduate Seminar - Online CourseTopics Include: Future of the Deal in M&A/Understanding Governance, Risk & Compliance, Diagnosing Issues in the CGL Policy, Disability Insurance - the Most Undersold Insurance, Rules of Engagement in Workplace Violence, Planning for Retirement, and When the Unthinkable Happens. . . Will the Insurance Values Be Adequate? JK Ruble Seminars are open to all dues-paid National Alliance designation holders.RGS081920
8/11/2020How Savvy Businesses Use Life InsuranceSo your insured owns a business, and from what you can gather, is woefully unprepared to handle adversity. Specifically, what if a key person dies? What transition plans are in place? How can folks still enjoy the fruits of the labor that the business - and those who built it - should continue to provide? This course will help you – the insurance professional - discuss important issues like transition plans, buy-sell agreements, retirement options, tax scenarios, and many other issues that businesses owners are afraid of.081120
8/11/2020Cyber Coverage, Data Breach And So Much MoreThis course hacks into the many facets of cyber-crime, cyber risk, and data-related losses prevalent in the modern business environment. Discussion on rules, risks and insurance coverage will assist insurance professionals in their important quest to understand, explain and (hopefully) insure against common cyber exposures.081120PM
8/12/2020Breaking it Down: Additional Insureds, Certs and HeadachesCertificates and Additional Insured endorsements are functions which lie at the core of many agency’s operations. This course is designed to address many concerns with these essential functions. What to do, what NOT to do, intentions, unintended consequences and other issues are reviewed with the hope of fortifying your agency from potentially costly errors.081220
8/18/2020Adventures in Aging Financially Surviving RetirementTo earn CE credit for attending this course is a nice bonus, but we hope you’ll see it for what it truly is: an experience that will change your life as well as the lives of those around you. People are terrified of outliving their money and the large bills that come with rising cost of living, medical bills and end-of-life costs. This course explores a variety of financial tools and insurance products to help manage such costs. Whether the information is for the benefit of your clients, your family, and/or yourself, you’ll be ready to help.081820
8/19/2020Culture, Ethics and Errors and OmissionsGood (and error-avoiding) habits begin with good decision making. It sounds like a no-brainer, but employees in agencies across America struggle with this every day, souring agency culture and leading to costly E&O claims. Join agency principal and long-time insurance educator Terry Tadlock as he guides you through the many methods available to improve your agency’s culture and reduce its E&O exposure through an emphasis on ethical conduct.081920
8/20/20201 Hour with Kevin on Extra Money for Bills, Beer or BothRegardless of what you intend to do with them, making a few extra bucks on the side is always helpful. Join Kevin Amrhein as he discusses the personal liability concerns presented by various “side-gig” activities and how to address them.082020
8/20/2020Emerging Leaders TopgolfJoin the Big I Indiana's Emerging Leaders on August 20th from 2-4 pm for our all-inclusive package. We welcome members of any age or position, however we target our events towards the younger generation of agents. Regardless of age, we encourage you to be mindful of your own family and health situation when weighing your decision to join us. Please be cautious regarding your health status and the status of persons you've been around before attending. Older adults and people who have severe underlying medical conditions like heart or lung disease or diabetes seem to be at higher risk for developing more serious complications from COVID-19 illness and we urge you to please stay safely at home. $50 includes two hours of game play, light appetizers and two drinks. Space is limited, register ASAP.TOPGOLF20
8/25/2020Commercial Additional Insured Endorsements StatusCommercial Additional Insured endorsements are a seemingly endless issue for agents and their insureds. The continued evolution of the endorsement language - and techniques used in the courtroom to make insureds pay - require agents to stay alert to the changes and intricacies of these endorsements. Those reviewed in this course include endorsements used with the Commercial General Liability policy (CGL), Business Auto policy (BAP), Worker’s Compensation (WC) and Umbrella.082520AM
8/25/2020Homeowner’s Policy Coverage Concerns for the Modern FamilyAdult children coming home (or never leaving). Caring for aging relatives. Pets. Earning extra money, “Smart” appliances and toys. The evolving role of a Homeowner’s insurance policy, and how it addresses these and many other exposures relating to the lives and possessions of the modern family, will be discussed in this course.082520



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