Legislator Lookups

You can access the homepages of each of Indiana’s State Senators and Representatives by clicking on the links to the respective caucuses below.

State Legislator Lookup

​​Legislative Committees
​This link accesses the various legislative committees that are an integral part of the legislative process and lists the individual legislators that make up the committees. Of particular interest to independent agents are the Insurance and Labor committees in each house.
During the Indiana legislative session (January through mid-March) this link will take you to the daily Indiana House and Senate Floor Calendars and Committee Schedules.
This link accesses all of the laws of the state of Indiana. Title 27 contains laws regulating the insurance industry and agents.
This link allows you to access laws and rules outside of the Indiana Code, including the Indiana Constitution and Indiana Administrative Code.

Federal Legislator Lookup

U.S. Senate Website

U.S. House of Representatives Website

White House Website