Due to the conference location being a resort casino, Belterra is under orders from Gov. Holcomb to delay opening until June 14, 2020. Our conference was scheduled to be held three days later, on the 17th. Unfortunately, since Belterra's has furloughed all of their sales employees, we haven't been able to determine if we will be able to reschedule for a later date or have to cancel altogether, but we are hoping to deliver an Emerging Leaders Conference in 2020 if possible. Stay tuned for updates! 

Do I have to be a member to attend the conference?

No, the Emerging Leaders Conference is open to members and non-members. IIAI members, however, receive a significant discount on their registration. 

How do I get an attendee list? 

Beginning a few days prior to the event, we make an attendee list available in our eMaterials. 

I have registered for the conference but cannot attend. May I send someone in my place?

Yes, please email your request to registrar@bigi.org.  

How do I make sure I’m registered?

If you are logged into our website, you can check the status and update your information online. If you need to verify anything else, please contact registrar@bigi.org or call 800-438-4424. 

Will I get drink tickets?

Yes, every registration comes with drink tickets included, and if you run out you will be able to purchase additional drinks at the bar. 

How do I sponsor the conference?

Our Partners are the exclusive sponsors of the conference without exception. If you are interested in becoming a Partner, enrollment opens in August and the program runs the calendar year, from January - December. Please contact Jen Rochester, rochester@bigi.org or call direct, 317-228-3029. 


The dress code is casual all the way for this event! T-shirts, jeans. shorts, and flip flops are all appropriate. 

If I have further questions during the conference, who should I ask? 

Look for a member of the Big I team or a committee member, all of whom will be wearing matching shirts on the first day. They will be happy to answer your questions. 

Will you give me email addresses? 

No, we do not provide email addresses under any circumstances. 

I’m a Partner. What is included for the convention?

Partners automatically receive attendee registration credits (listed below). Included credits are as follows:
Diamond 2 complimentary attendees
Platinum 2 complimentary attendees
Gold 2 complimentary attendees
Silver 1 complimentary attendee
Bronze 1 complimentary attendee
General 1 complimentary attendee

Do I register for the classes?

No, simply arrive at the class location and you're in! The one exception would be if you want to purchase your DISC profile in advance of the conference to get the most out of that session. The cost is $25 for that DISC profile test and results.