Program Update

Due to the conference location being a resort casino, Belterra is under orders from Gov. Holcomb to delay opening until June 14, 2020. Our conference was scheduled to be held three days later, on the 17th. Unfortunately, since Belterra's has furloughed all of their sales employees, we haven't been able to determine if we will be able to reschedule for a later date or have to cancel altogether, but we are hoping to deliver an Emerging Leaders Conference in 2020 if possible. Stay tuned for updates!



1:30 pm 


Welcome/Intro/Ice Breaker 

2 – 4 pm


Social Engineering Attacks: Cybercrime Triggers & Exclusions - Instructor: John Immordino (2 hours CE)

Cybercrime is the fastest growing crime and is constantly evolving.  Once you think you understand the policy forms and exposures, it all changes.  The carriers are forced to update their policies because the criminals are finding new ways to monetize our cyber vulnerabilities. This course will provide agents with an understanding of the new types of criminal activity from social engineering to sextortion and how the policy form responds…..or not.

4 – 5 pm


Scavenger Hunt

 6:30 pm


Dinner and Networking Event – Stadium Grille, Belterra Casino & Resort 


8:30 am



Service continues through 10 am 

8:45 – 9:45 am


The Big 3 + 1.  How Today’s Agencies are Winning - Instructor: Chris Cline (1 hour CE) 

This course will provide attendees information on the best practices from the top performing agencies. Trends discussed will include perpetuation, hiring, planning for the future of your agency and employees, consumer demands, online marketing, data – how to gather and how to analyze, and diversity and inclusion. The overall impact to the industry as well as the potential changes/impacts in each agency will be covered.

10 am – 12 pm


Using Your DISC Profile to Close Deals – Instructor: Payne Schoen (2 hours CE)

This course will help agents understand their own DISC profile and how to use the DISC profile in their agency. Attendees will have the opportunity to complete a DISC profile prior to the session so they have knowledge of their own profile prior. The course will discuss using their DISC results in the sales process, while working with others in their own agency, and in the hiring process.

12 – 12:50 pm



1 – 2 pm


The Landmine of AI and COIs – Instructor: Jenny Keel (1 hours CE)

During this session we will discuss Additional Insureds and the purpose of Certificates of Insurance. After the session the participant will have a better understanding of Additional Insured endorsements, the importance of accurate Certificates of Insurance, and what the law states regarding both.

2:15 – 4:45 pm


Risk Management Walking Tour – Instructor: Todd Davis and Stacy Edgell (2.5 hours CE)

A risk manager will lead a tour of the Kentucky Motor Speedway. Using the venue and exterior facilities as examples, they will discuss ways any insured can manage risk, including what planning work must be done to protect insureds, employees and the public, organizing those to carry out the work, motivating those that will carry out these responsibilities, and correcting substandard performance. The 2.5 hour submitted CE session will open and close in a classroom.

6:30 – 10 pm


Dinner and Poolside Karaoke Tiki Party  



8:30 am



Service continues through 10 am

9 – 11 am


Anatomy of an E&O Claim – Instructor: Rick Pitts (2 hours CE) 

Case study and even mock trials are terrific teaching methods for keeping professionals engaged, but they suffer from a related pair of problems: (a) participants know there has to be a problem, or else there would not be a case to discuss; and (b) because there is a known problem, everyone has a bit of an omniscience or 20-20 vision before the fact. This seminar tries to defeat this problem by intentionally creating a bit of a “fog of war” approach. Information is doled out to the participants in small increments and participants are left to speculate as to exactly what’s going wrong. In fact, some participants have expressed frustration due to the lack of information in the early stages, but become more satisfied as more is revealed. The seminar concludes with a discussion of the outcome of the case on which it is loosely based, and is tied to a comparison of what the participants thought at each stage the problem was going to eventually be.

11 am


Optional Golf or Spa

Enjoy the rest of your day at Belterra by enjoying a round of golf or a spa treatment on your own. This is not a sponsored conference event and you will need to schedule yourself. 

Total CE: 10.5 hours approved