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Q:  How may hours do I need to renew my license?
  The new requirement is 24 hours.  However, we suggest you click on "Look up education courses and credits" on and click on "check your transcript".
Q:  Do I need to complete the CE requirements if I am a non-resident?
  No.  A non-resident who has satisfied his/her home state's continuing education requirement is exempt.
Q:  Does my company renew my license?
No.  Companies renew appointments.  License renewal is the producer's responsibility.
Q:  Can I count the pre-licensing course I recently took for my CE requirements?
  No.  The course is not approved for CE credits, only pre-licensing.
Q:  Can extra credits earned from the previous year count for this year's renewal requirements?
  No.  Carryover credits are not allowed.
Q:  Can credits be earned while taking courses to obtain a professional designation be used for the bi-annual CE requiments?
  Yes, but only after the provider and the courses have been approved by the Indiana Department of Insurance and only if the course is completed after the producer has already received an insurance producer license.
Q:  Do I need to send my certificates of completion to the Indiana Department of Insurance?
  If you renew online, there is no need to send certificates to the Department;  however always keep your original certificates on file for two years following license renewal.  Yes, if you are unable to renew online due to a CE discrepancy or upon a CE Audit, you may send certificates for verification. IDOI conducts monthly random audits of producers. Certificates must be presented if you are audited or upon request.
Q:  Can I go to the website to look up how many CE credits I have?
  Yes,  The continuing education transcript is located under the link "look up education courses and credits".
Q:  Do I have to take 24 credits for my life & health license and 24 credits for my property & casualty license?
No, you only have to submit the total number of credit hours required (24) no matter how many lines of authority you hold.
Q:  Can I take online CE courses?
Yes, if the provider and course is approved in Indiana.  Also, you must have a licensed insurance agent monitor while you take exams.
Q:  Can I take the same CE course two years in a row and receive credit?
  No.  You cannot receive credit for any course more than once in any CE reporting period.
FAQ's: From the Indiana Department of Insurance

Events and Education Director
There have been a number of questions surrounding the effective date of the newly implemented ethics continuing education requirement for life, health and annuity producer license holders. The FAQ (frequently asked questions) sheet below was developed by the Indiana Department of Insurance, in conjunction with the Indiana Big “I” to clarify the new law and what the requirements are pertaining to these license holders. If you have questions about this FAQ, please contact Steve Duff at